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Friday, 18 September 2009

Why does not The Boarding House... use any gaming system?

One of the defining aspects of our first work is that it does not include game stats for any RPG system. There are two main reasons for this. First, it is not a 'Mythos' adventure, so it does not need to be played with Call of Cthulhu (though it could seem so, looking at the time and place). Secondly, a lot of groups who are playing Horror RPGs, even classic Pulp/Lovecraftian Horror, are not using the Chaosium BRP system. Some have changed to Trail of Cthulhu, and with the wave of new licensees soon there will be tons of people using Savage Worlds, True20, some others may have fallen for GURPS... even, several of the people using one RPG system are tailoring it to their specific tastes. So, knowing that a lot of gamers would have to modify what we proposed, after all, we decided to use just descriptive stats. One of the advantages of the Horror settings is that they are mostly based on the performing and ideas of the Players, much more than on the results of rolls, in fact not many dice rolls are done. This simplifies the work of adapting the descriptive stats to each groups' preferences.

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