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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Forensic, Profiling & Serial Killers

They who know us surely remember we are fans of the work of Sans-Détour (the French Call of Cthulhu publisher).

Our copy of their first own produced book has just arrived. (Well, technically it is a re-edition of an already existent work, but adapted to the Call of Cthulhu; and if we do not consider the fabulous changes they made to the original Cthulhu/BRP system in their edition as own production).

As usual, the production values are top notch. The contents, even if we have not started to read it, seem really promising. It will for sure hook all those fans of CSI, Bones or Dexter. As a first contact, here you have the cover and the scheme of blood stains.


Hope we could create books like this one!

For further information, you can visit (in French) the website of the author:

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