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Sunday, 18 October 2009

La Casa de Huéspedes de la Calle Arkham

The Spanish Language version of The Boarding House at Arkham Street is ALREADY available. The English Language version is to follow.



Format PDF (5,6 Mb)
Covers in colour, B/W interior
32 pp.
Free Download

Genre: Horror.
Playing Characters: 2-6 (4 Pre-generated character included).
Gameplay duration: 3-5 hours.
Recommended for players with medium or high experience.
Descriptive Statistics: Useful with any gaming sytem.

A murder...
A painting that talks about the past...
An unexpected visitor...

A Boarding House is a meeting point for strangers. When one of the residents appears murdered, everyone is a suspect.

An intrincated pulp horror adventure where the players will face their own humanity to solve the mystery...

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