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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Best of two worlds?: Bits&Mortar

Proposed by Fred Hicks (Evil Hat, Dresden Files, Spirit of the Century...), the non-profit Bits&Mortar platform has just been created.

The distribution of RPG materials in PDF format has created a whole new way of selling the books, cheaper and faster. For the people who still preferred to own physical copies of their games, the PDF offered the possibility of sending a digital copy at the time of paying the physical one -often at no extra charge-, so the buyer can have a look at the final complete product while he waits for the mail to arrive. Even, now he would be able to print excerpts or handouts without any fear of tearing the printed copy apart. What is the problem then? This is an unfair competition if looked at from the traditional brick&mortar shops. There is where Bits&Mortar enters the game (no pun intended). Now, any customer in any Brick&Mortar shop buying or pre-ordering a printed book from one of the participant publishers can receive the PDF copy at no extra cost (even the shop itself can handle the delivery). Interesting...


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